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From Farmville to Fingernails…

Hi! Welcome to Ninja Polish, we are Rhonni and Stephanie, the Polish Ninjas. We became acquainted while playing one of our guilty pleasures, Farmville. As total strangers with only a game in common, we soon realized that we both also enjoyed another shared obsession—nail polish. While Stephanie was already well on her way to an episode of hoarders (tee hee) I was just a baby polish hoarder starting out. How Stephanie changed all that! She invited me into an online nail polish group and from that point it was all over. My stash grew from a mere 20 polishes to 1,500+ in a matter of 7 or 8 months (Hello…Hoarders?) and I completely and totally blame Stephanie for every bottle! We live about 3 hours apart and plan regular shopping trips to downtown Chicago together. We are like polish-sisters, we have the same lacquer running through our veins.

We both began doing group buys for our fellow polish-lovers which allowed us to both feed our love and need for new and unique polishes and at the same time help others have access to these polishes at great prices. Stephanie organized Ozotics and Picture Polish, while I organized Brazil Hits. Several months of group buys have come and gone, making many people very happy. We finally said to ourselves, "Why limit ourselves? Why limit the polish community?" We decided there is a need and we are up to the challenge to fulfill it! We took our combined experience, skills & love for polish and decided to launch Ninja Polish!

Our goal with Ninja Polish is to continue to bring you the brands we have been doing group buys with, as well as some other imported brands you are all familiar with and more. We want to make these available to you for prices that everyone can easily afford. We have branched out and made contacts with several companies. We are now certified resellers and stockists for all of the brands you see on our site. We are working on relationships with even more brands. We are also working with some talented frankeners who have incredible creativity while at the same time, we are creating our own frankens to offer.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and that we succeed in making many polish-lovers happy. This site was created out of our love of polish and our desire to see the polish community enjoy these wonderful brands at incredible prices.

Rhonni & Stephanie

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