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Welcome to Blogger Central! I will be expanding on this page more in the future but for now I wanted to get two major resources posted for all bloggers/instarammers etc!

I am creating a banner rolls for this page and my homepage to showcase bloggers. If you would like to be considered for this please email me two banners for each size requirement for your blog to Media@NninjaPolish.com. One banner should feature your logo and swatches of Ninja Polish in some way, the other should be just a banner for your logo. I need both for each size since they are being featured on different pages :)
The banners should be 468x60 and 420x300 and ready for web!! This can be a traditional blog, a facebook blog, Instagram, youtube or however you express yourself and Nail Polish!!

Thank you all for your continued support! heartheart


Want to review some Ninja Polishes on your Blog, Instagram or Facebook?


Do you have an existing Blog, Instagram, or Facebook posts you'd like featured by Ninja Polish?

If you would like to blog/swatch for social media for Ninja Polish, here is the form to fill out. If you do not blog but only use Instagram or Facebook, simply use that info in place of the blog info. I have several bloggers that I use regularly but I am trying to branch out and include new swatchers more often as well!

Blogger/Instagram/Swatcher request form



If you already have blog posts or instagram photos up about Ninja Polish, recently or from long ago, and would like to submit them to be featured, use this form! You can submit posts about Ninja Polish, nail art using Ninja Polish, comparison posts containing Ninja Polish or basically anything Ninja Polish!! I will keep a file of all submissions and tag you when they are used by me!

Blog/Instagram (or other social media) post about Ninja Polish submission form 


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