DRK-A Large Stamping Plate

DRK-A Large Stamping PlateDRK-A Large Stamping Plate
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This large plate contains 42 beautiful images. Each image measures approximately 1.8cm wide by 2.1cm high.
DRK plates are designed and manufactured by DRK Nails a wonderful brazillian company that have the most creative designs and high quality plates!
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DRK-A Large Stamping Plate

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Claudia
    One of the best image plates out there, the images are crisp, huge and stamp awesomely. A MUST have for the stampers out there!
  • Author: Tiffany
    The designs are big enough for my huge thumbnail, which makes it a winner in my book.
  • Author: Precious
    Not sure why this has a low rating its one of the best plates I own. Large images that fit my thumb, clean crisp images. It is wonderful!
  • Author: Janal Chu
    I LOVE the size of these images!! Even with long nails they will cover it all. And that's usually the problem with the size of plates, covers most but not all either you missed some on the side, or top/bottom, HUGE images, can't wait until I can try them all. Very clear images. Get more plates in, please!! :)
  • Author: Pamela H.
    These images are fantastic! They are clean and defined when you stamp them, I am very impressed. So pleased I got my DRK-A plate, it was well worth the wait for them to get back in stock! Thank you Ninja Polish!
  • Author: Elysse P.
    The images are beautiful, the service was fantastic, I came back to order the B plate! Thank you ninja polish!
  • Author: Lisa M
    This plate has become my go-to plate. I know that the images will stamp well without a bunch of trial and error. Stamps the first time, every time. No regrets with this plate. It's even prettier in person than it is in the picture!
  • Author: Lawliette
    This plate is well worth the money! The images cover all of the nail. It's very easy to work with, especially if you're starting out with stamping. The images are very clean and sharp. I love it more than any of my Konad plates, and will be getting plate B!
  • Author: Katje
    Very fun plate! Thanks so much!
  • Author: Corri
    These are amazing! Awesome designs, great size and they stamp wonderfully! Worth every penny..i'm excitedly awaiting more :)
  • Author: Peyton
    Help! It feels like it's been months! Will this plate ever be back in stock?
  • Author: Rachel M
    This plate is awesome! Stamps great and the images are HUGE!
  • Author: Priti
    If you want nails that command attention, stamping your nails the designs on this plate is the way to go!! The designs are HUGE, unique and so very pretty. I'm currently wearing the stamp on row col and I've had about 8 people compliment me in the past 5 days.
  • Author: Elisa
    I love this plate! The stamps are nicely sized and come out very clear. I'm in Canada and I received my plate in a week! Thank you Ninja Polish!!
  • Author: vanessa rodriguez
    I love this plate!!got here in 4 days.Stamps amazing!Get the xl stamper as well.
  • Author: edilenio silva
    Please i need plate DKS-A please
  • Author: Stephanie Mann
    This plate is worth the money. The images are enormous and every thing stamps perfectly.
  • Author: Tara Weyant
    I do not understand why this plate only has 3 stars. This plate is fantastic! Fun designs that give a crisp, clear, stamp every time, and are large enough to fit your whole nail. It is officially my favorite plate. It seemed a little pricey when I bought it, but now I think it was worth every penny. A great quality plate. Can't wait to buy the B plate.
  • Author: Brooke Wade
    I LOVE THIS PLATE!!! So worth the money!! The designs are huge, I've always had trouble stamping my thumbs with a lot of brands (and I don't even have abnormally large thumbs) but with these I could do my big toes, even. The engraving is also deep, so the opacity of the stamped design on your nail is pretty great, and you have a little more time after scraping to get it on your stamper. Bottom line: I will definitely be buying the rest of the drk plates!!
  • Author: Michele Fleming
    I have several IP and I still love these the most. These IP are some of the most prestigious, clearly defined, unique and largest I have ever seen. I own all three including the latest additions and if they had more I would buy them too (more is always good). Thank you so much Ninja Polish for making these available.
  • Author: Silvana Rosner
    I got this one today, stamped my first flower mani and I cant stop amazing myself of the detail and quality of this brand! Thank u so much Ninjapolish :D all my plates arrived safe n sound!! xoxoxo
  • Author: Jessica Morrissey
    When are you going to get more of the DRK-A ??? I need it so bad, can't wait to get it.