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Better FAQ is being compiled...for now here are a few needed bits of info!!

  • Is your polish made by you or in a lab?
    • I mix all of my polish myself. I do not have it made or bottled in a lab. I always have made it myself, and have no plans on moving to a lab. It would help me increase my quantities for sale, however I love making my polish and have a lot of passion for it. 
  • When will my order ship?
    • Right now I am primarily shipping on weekends. So within a week it should ship. There are some occasions where something might come up, like if I have to go out of town. I normally do orders around vacations. I will try to keep everyone notified of delays.
  • I received a polish and something is wrong with it (wonky brush, broken, leaked a LOT etc). What can be done?
    • Send me an email ASAP at service@NinjaPolish.com with you order#, pictures and a description of the issue. I'll get you taken care of ASAP
  • I changed my mind or don't like the polish like I thought I would, can I return it?
    • No, due to hygiene issues nail polish is not returnable. There is a vast polish community that does sales and swaps regularly on the internet, I would suggest selling or swapping through those avenues.
  • You are out of stock on the polish I want....just about everything! What gives?!
    • I am working to restock the polishes on my site regularly. I work full time in a corporate position, I do Ninja Polish work in the evenings and on weekends. I highly suggest you sign up for not only my site newsletter, but for product notifications for each polish you want. When I add inventory the product notifications automatically are sent out without my intervention. 
  • Where do I sign up for Back in Stock product notifications? I can't find it!
    • Go into the polish's dedtailed product page. Where it says 'Out of Stock' you will see a little email icon. Click this and a pop up will open up to allow you to enter in your email address. Also, the emails will come from Service@NinjaPolish.com so make sure this doesn't go to Bulk mail! The subject line will be: Ninja Polish: Product is back in stock
  • How do I contact you?
    • All my contact info can be found at the bottom of my site. I do have a business phone number but due to working full time, doing this solo and not being a big phone person I do not prefer this method lol. 
  • Are you on Social Media? Which ones?
    • Yes, you can find icon links below to all of the Social Media I am active on. My handle on all of them is NinjaPolish with the exception of Tumblr, I am Ninja_Polish on there.
  • I would like to swatch for you and review your polishes...how can I do that?
    • I'm just getting things organized so for right now I am reaching out to some blogger friends for my next new releases. If you would like to be considered for swatching in the future, please fill out this Blogger Request Form. Please note that the more social media accounts that you have, the more attractive you will look to me for samples however I will consider everyone who submits for review, even if you only have one social media outlet. 
  • How can I get updates and info on Restocks?
    • You can sign up for my site Newsletter here. Also, if you are waiting on specific polishes I highly suggest you sign up for notifications on each product page individdually. This is your best way of being notified the fastest on any restocks.
  • I want to add something to my wish list that is out of stock, how can I?
    • Unfortunately the limitations of the software that I use won't allow this. It is a shame, but you can only add In Stock items to your wish list. I can't change this but what I can do it suggest that you sign up for the Out Of Stock product notifcations to be alerted when a polish is restocked.
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