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Floam ®Floam ®
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Floam® has matte neon blue and yellow-green fine glitter in a clear base. It has complete coverage in two to three coats and can be used as a layering polish with one coat. Floam is generally a thicker based polish so ensure that you let each coat dry COMPLETELY longer than you would other polishes. With topcoat or gelous Floam can have a shiny finish. However this polish dries with a matte finish and the glitter itself does not sparkle. Please remember that some colors might be off a hue or two depending on camera and monitor settings. 15ml bottle. Swatches of Floam can be seen at Chalkboard Nails and The Pointless Cafe

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Floam ®

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: stevy
    Where do u get this stuff near Platte city.
  • Author: Ryan LaRosa
    I freaking love the look of this polish. It's truly amazing; HOWEVER, it is an absolute nightmare to apply. The first time wasn't too bad; a little thick, but manageable. Same with the second. I just did my third mani with it last night, though, and the formula has gone straight to poo. It is a thick, globby mess. End result still looks fantastic, but it is a bit of a chore getting there. This is not meant to be a negative review, as I love the polish and would recommend it to anyone, it's just meant to be informative.
  • Author: Tracy
    I really wanted to love this polish. I stalked the Ninja Polish website and Facebook, waited for them to restock, refreshed for hours to get my hands on it, and ordered 4 bottles. One for myself and three to give away to friends. Unfortunately the formula was so difficult to work with that I ended up returning the 3 extra bottles and exchanging them for three lovelies from another brand on the website. Floam was an absolute NIGHTMARE to apply. One coat was not even close to being full coverage, two wasn't much better. Three coats was the minimum for an almost full coverage look and four looked great but took HOURS to dry. Maybe it was just my bottle, I don't know but I used nearly a fifth of my bottle for one manicure! The removal process wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, but wasn’t exactly easy either, typical for glitter removal I would say. My manicure lasted two days and was chipping with four coats. I am much happier with the polishes I exchanged it for.
  • Author: Lily Godoy
    I got an email stating Sticks n Stones and Flown back on the market. But I can not add to my cart Flown. Please advise
  • Author: Ryan LaRosa
    Just wanted to add an update to my review. I was new to the world of this type of glitter, and to indie polishes. I had no idea that it is extremely common for these formulas to be thicker, or that they would continue to thicken with each use. Most importantly, I was unaware of nail polish thinner, which makes all the difference in the world!! I've loved polish for years, but only recently ventured into the realms beyond the drugstore. So now I know. And so do you! Nail polish thinner! That's all you need!
  • Author: Lindsey B.
    Who doesn't love Floam!?!? I was so excited to receive this gorgeous glitter, it's amazing! There really isn't anything out there quite like it. For such a dense glitter, the formula is good and it wears very well. Now...I need a backup bottle!
  • Author: Olivia Guerrero
    This is an unusual, conversation-starter type polish. As everyone said, however, it is rather thick. A few drops of thinner helps with application. You must let it dry in between coats...a good 10 minutes and as for top coat I use Gelous as Floam 'eats' up any other top coat.
  • Author: The Nail Files
    LOVE this polish.. in the bottle! For day 1, mine has very goopy, thick and difficult to work with. I love how the finished product looks, its just a pain to work with!
  • Author: kimberly
    I love this polish. It is different then most stuff out there.
    It can get goopy but add a few drops of thinner and your good to go.
  • Author: Corri (Nail Polish Junkie)
    Just plain cool beans! I love this polish!! I didn't find it difficult to work with..it wasn't goopy(or maybe as goopy as I thought it might be). I was happy with 2 coats but I went ahead and added a 3rd, it was for sure better but not a must. I really found the neon yellow particles to jump out from the base, a very interesting polish! Super pleased it's in my collection :)
  • Author: Chandra Roundy
    How can you not love Floam? It's the Bee's knees! Okay it's kinda hard to work with. It's a pretty thick goopy polish. I added thinner to mine and it made it much easier to work with and didn't ruin the polish for me. It's so packed with glitter that you still get good coverage after adding a little thinner. The pay off is so worth any of the pain in applying.
  • Author: Cindy B
    I didn't really like this polish from the pics but I finally caved in a bought a bottle to see what all the hype was about! OMG I LOVE this polish! It is so unique and you get so many compliments! It may take some drying time in between coats but well worth it! Had to get a backup bottle and will get another when it is back in stock!!
  • Author: Jennifer K
    Floam is such an awesome polish! It's a bit messy to apply, but once you do it's like magic on your nails! Very unique and pretty :D
  • Author: Leanna Lawson
    One of my most sought after polishes after CtD!I love the matte glitters, as I like to not "sparkle" sometimes! Glad I could get it from you girls with no hassle, reasonable prices, and no cartjacking :D
  • Author: Rachel M
    I don't personally own this, but a lot of my nail buddies do. It is so amazing, the color is to die for. Plus it reminds me of my childhood ;)
  • Author: Jenna
    This polish is amazingly gorgeous. It does have a thicker formula, so patience is a must when applying more than one coat or you will have some dragging and gloopiness.
  • Author: Beth
    Floam is like my childhood and happiness in a bottle. I absolutely adore it!! I had no application or drying problems (and I was impatient and didn't wait for each coat to dry). I have worn it alone as well as over "underwear" and have had minimal issues with removal. It is most definitely worth the fuss of glitter removal. Without a doubt, Floam is one of my most favorite nail polishes of all time!
  • Author: Kara
    I love this polish, it is so fun and unique!
  • Author: Diane Hanselmann
    Love this nail polish except when you wear it on top of a base coat only. It is very difficult to remove. I now put a pale polish on top of the base coat and then Floam. Works much better. Will definitely order again!!
  • Author: jennasaisquoi
    So excited to finally get Floam! Yes, it IS difficult to achieve full coverage w/o creating a goopy, slow-drying mess. But I think that's the nature of the beast, i.e. glitter-LOADED polish. I love it, will work with it, and will learn a lot towards improving my technique just from using it!
  • Author: nina
    cool i love floam