How Our Inventory Works

There will always come a time when more people want a product than we have in stock. There are only two ways to deal with stock in quantities too small to meet demand.

We have now implemented an Anti-Cartjacking system into our website. This will allow you to hold high-demand items in your cart for 15 minutes. So basically if you get it into your cart, you will be able to checkout without panic. 

If for some reason two (or 20) people are clicking on the "Add to Cart" button at near the same time when only 1 is left in stock, only one will get it added to their cart, the rest will have their "Add to Cart" button say 'Error'. If this happens the "Add to Cart" button should turn into "Out of Stock" immediately after.

After your 15 minutes is up, the item will not leave your cart, however the stock protection for that item will have expired. The "Add to Cart" button will once again activate and someone else could add it to their cart, check out and you will at that point be cart jacked. 

At this time we don't have ALL items setup with this feature. Currently only the following categories are covered: New Products, Ninja Polish, Dandy Nails, Jindie Nails and NerdLacquer. We will will implement the other categories as needed!

We know this can be frustrating when we are out of stock so please rest assured we are going to do our best to learn the demand quickly and buy to it. If we see something sell out in moments, please know that our next order will be larger. Also please understand that the majority of the polishes we carry are from other countries so restock time is often slowed by international shipping.

We have brought in a tremendous amount of inventory and plan on keeping this level and growing. We have a wide variety in hopes that there is something for everyone.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience here at Ninja Polish. To help you do so, we have the 'Email Me when in Stock' notification. You can sign up for this to receive notifications when the polish(es) you want are placed back in stock. Something you must understand about Stock Notifications: if you receive a Stock Notification email alert, your name is then cleared from the list. If you don't get the polish(es) you wanted or choose to wait for another time, you must re-sign up for that notification. This is to prevent us from unintentionally spamming you every time we add inventory (large or small).