Seche Vite

Seche ViteSeche Vite
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Best fast dry topcoat around! 14ml bottle.

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  • Author: The Nail Files
    This product literally changed my life. It takes me about 1-2 minutes for my nails to become completely dry. A bit pricey, but well worth it!
  • Author: kimberly
    I love Seche. I have tried other Top Coats but I always go back to this one.
    It dries in minutes.

    I love it and always have a few bottles on hand.
  • Author: chandra Roundy
    One of my favorite top coats. It dries thick layers fast and easily, helps get rid of bubbles and self levels really well. It helps nail art mesh together making a smooth even coat and doesn't smudge designs easily. It does cause shrinkage from teh tip but if you wrap the tips it will greatly reduce the chances. It also starts to thicken up about half way through but You can use seche restore or regular thinner and it will still be a great top coat!
  • Author: Lorraine Valdespino
    Miracle worker! It does what it says- fast dry, extends mani, super glossy shine. You will never have sheet marks again, I promise! Get more than one bottle, since it will glop up before it is empty. You will get your $$ worth, for sure. this is a great price for the tops in top coats.
  • Author: Pamela H
    I have tried a lot of other top coats, from slow drying to Fast/Quick Dry, but Seche Vite is amazing. It dries polish incredibly fast. I am amazed at the wear and glossiness of this product. Great price too!
  • Author: Sarah L.
    I love Seche Vite. Thick, glossy, beautiful shine that prolongs the life of your mani. Only setback is that towards the end of the bottle it gets very thick and gloppy. I've tried polish thinner and it works, but doesn't restore it to the original formula. Still, best topcoat ever!
  • Author: Rachel M
    MUST HAVE PRODUCT! I am soooo impatient when it comes to waiting for my nails to dry. I slap this top coat on and my nails are dry in minutes! Makes it so you can get back to life really quickly and not sit around waiting for you nails to dry!
  • Author: Priti
    People in the polish world seem to have a love-hate relationship with this top coat. I happen to love it. There's a learning curve to use it. Apply it while your polish is still wet and cap off the free edges. This will alleviate the common complaint that this top coat shrinks and/or peels off your polish. It not only dries all layers of your polish in a couple of minutes, it dries it to a beautiful glossy shine.
  • Author: Lola505
    What a fabulous top coat! I can live with some Toluene in the product with these great results. Four coats are dry in just a few minutes vs. two hours with standard top coats + some sort of drip-dry, spray, etc.