Sticks 'n Stones - Cover Band

Cover Band Lacquers introduces the polish Sticks ‘n Stones. We heard the collective polish community cry out…and we listened. Where whimsical honors Glitter in the Air…and Dorothy honors Red Ruby Slippers… Sticks ‘n Stones honors the well known immensely popular and extremely hard to get Connect the Dots by Lynnderella and brings it to an affordable and available level. You asked we listened.

Every glitter color size and shape was painstakingly chosen to create this portrayal. There is a reason for the name chosen aside from how fitting it is for this collection of glitters. "Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me." We will keep this in our hearts as we continue to bring everyone a top quality creation and hope to make many many polish lovers happy in the process!

This polish is a clear base with a collection of various sizes and shapes of white and black hex glitters. It is a fantastic top layer polish and will accent any color of polish to add a spark of interest! We hope you will enjoy this polish as much as the polish it pays tribute to. 15ml bottle.

Additional wheel swatches of Sticks 'n Stones can be seen at My Lucid Bubble.

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Sticks 'n Stones - Cover Band

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Mc Cas
    This is the the most amazing polish ever! I currently have it over Nubar Sultry Red. Can I tell you it really makes the black and white POP! Just one coat of dabbing makes it perfect. Thank you Ninja Polish -You are amazing! I can't wait to see what you come up with next!
  • Author: SunnyD
    This is a dead on dupe for another very hard to get polish ;) and I LOVE it! Thank you for making it accessible to the rest of us!
  • Author: Becca
    My bottle arrived today and I immediately put one coat on over the color I was already wearing (Sinful Colors Neptune). It applied easily and looks just like the swatches I've seen of the inspiration for this polish. I am so glad I ordered this!
  • Author: LeighAnn
    This is EVEN BETTER than the original. The glitter is big and bold, with sparks of fine glitter instead of shimmer. I lusted after CtD for a year, but the bigger pieces, lack of shimmer, pricetag, and availability are the best! This polish is SO fantastic.
  • Author: Dezrai
    I waited quite a while for this polish and it was COMPLETELY worth the wait!! It is just perfect. I do not have the original, but I cannot imagine that it is as good as this! I'm trying it over China Glaze Sunshine Pop next, and then maybe over Deborah Lippmann Let's Here it for the Boy. Can't wait! Also, the people from this website are just fantastic by the way! :)
  • Author: Sammy
    I really wanted the original but I've found thatthe polish crazies and the drama that comes with them just wasn't worth owning it!!! A friend had this one and it's AMAZING, I just ordered mine can't wait!!!
  • Author: Michelle
    Love this. I showed it to my sister and she loved it so much, she ordered one for herself.
  • Author: Disappointed.
    BEWARE. I received a bottle from the 2nd batch of this. No large hex glitters, VERY gloppy, extremely difficult to apply, eats topcoat like crazy (even a thick one such as SV). I emailed Ninja Polish about it and received a very quick reply that I was welcome to return it at their expense, but that replacing the bottle would do no good because all of these are "the same." Then I hear that this most recent batch (batch 3) has the large hexes in it and are much less dense and smoother. Extremely disappointed customer.
  • Author: Way better than CtD!
    I wanted CtD sooooo bad!! But could never get my paws on it. I love that this doesn't have a shimmery base but sparse iridescent glitter. My bottle is a little thick, but nothing I can't work with.
  • Author: Camila Amanda
    This polish is just drop-dead gorgeous. I wore it over Zoya Skylar and couldn't stop staring at my nails! Formula-wise, it's great and easy to work with. There's so much glitter in the bottle that 1 coat is more than enough. Amazing!
  • Author: Kimmeh
    This is absolutely amazing to add to glitter gradient mani's. I just love it.
  • Author: Fox
    Love it! Great dupe. I don't mind the viscosity of it, and haven't had any issues with top coats. I do have to fish for glitter from time to time, but for the price and the look that's something I can deal with.
  • Author: Lydia thompson
    Amazing polish! I love it! I knew i wanted this the moment i saw an option for CtD and this is even better in my opinion. :) #win!
  • Author: Cordia - Srsly Swatched
    I love this polish. I have layered it over everything and it ALWAYS looks amazing. I used one dabbed coat and it applied easy as you please. Get it!
  • Author: Allie
    I am in love with this polish. It actually lays perfectly flat with no coaxing! I have it layered with Essie marshmallow right now and it looks so yummy.
  • Author: Tracey Hall
    LOOVE this nail polish! Forget Connect the Dots! Sometimes cheaper is better. I put extra layers on my nails for a look with more glitter. Here is what it looks like with extra glitter...
    Its easy to apply as well. Even for someone like me who has shaky hands. Get this polish!
  • Author: Cayla
    I just put this on for the first time over two coats of China Glaze Re-fresh Mint. Overall, I am in love. It looks just as fun as I knew it would. That being said, I can see a definite yellow-ish tint to the base from the Sticks 'n Stones. It's not a huge deal, but takes a bit away from the perfection. Still, I am so so happy that I bought this polish.
  • Author: RyanLaRosa
    LOOOOVE!! I wore this for the first time last weekend. Had it layered over Enchanted Polish Cranberry Cosmo. Seriously considering making one of the pics I snapped of the mani the wallpaper on my phone! So fun!!
  • Author: Meja
    Absolutely love this, so beautiful! Better than the original!
  • Author: Jennifer K
    Instant nail art on your nails! My boyfriend thought I did some kind of crazy graffiti on my nails! Love this!
  • Author: Janna M
    I originally bought this because of it's dupieness (new word) and then I fell so much in love with it that I bought a back up during another restock. It's the perfect way to add interest to a plain color.
  • Author: Lindsey B.
    This amazing glitter topper makes me want to siiiiiing! It's outstanding over brights and pastels. It's so perfect to liven up any mani! YOU NEED THIS.
  • Author: Dawn
    This is a great polish! It's great over everything, but especially pastels and bright pinks. Sticks 'n Stones was one of the first easily available black&white glitters, and it's also one of the best.
  • Author: Chandra Roundy
    I Love Sticks 'n Stones. I fell in love with Connect the Dots when I saw it but of course could never get it. My friend got me Sticks 'n Stones and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I actually liked it better then CTD after seeing it in swatches and on my own nails! It's a thick polish but it's not hard to apply. I suggest dabbing it but it's still pretty easy to work with!
  • Author: Lorraine Valdespino
    love it! Yes it is a glitter, so it needs to be applied with care(dabbing works best) and it will eat topcoat, lots of SV to smooth it, and a hassle to remove. However the upside is the tiny colored pieces that accent the b/w glitter are visible, and it will extend the life of your mani. exceeded expectations
  • Author: Cindy B
    This polish went so far beyond what I thought it would be! People always stop me when I wear this and asked me how I did that and then where I got it! Application is good too. Love it!!
  • Author: Susana
    I can't rave enough about S&S. I love the tiny holo glitter particles! I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.
  • Author: Shelly A
    Sticks and Stones has gotta be the best b&w glitter polish on the planet! Application is amazing and the holo micro glitters really make it stand out from all the rest.
  • Author: Leanna Lawson
    Love this polish! Not wanting to pay a huge price tag for some crazy lady polish, I hopped on the email list for this one! So glad I got it! I wear it over everything and get compliments all the time!
  • Author: Bethany Mirelez
    Love this! I'd never even thought about attempting to get the original polish due to the drama factor and the stupid price but this? So worth it. Not too thick, chock full (but not horribly full) of glitters, easy to spread evenly, good price, great site to buy from...what more could a girl ask for?
  • Author: Jenna
    I had been dying to get my hands on CtD forever, so when this came out there was no chance that I wouldn't get it. I am so glad I did! I love this polish!!! The application is great, no digging for glitter.
  • Author: Beth
    While I don't think it's a dead-on dupe for the inspiration behind it, I think it is definitely a must-have. I absolutely love it!! Makes beautiful nail polish jewelry too :)