Order Shipment
Orders through #20062 shipped out March 1st, any older order that has not been SCANNED in at the post office is an issue. Any order after that will be processed March 8th. Thank you for your patience. Order turnaround is about 2 weeks on average at this time.
Holiday Shipping Schedule

Holiday Shipping Schedule:

Orders placed through Dec 20th will ship before the holiday break.

Orders placed after Dec 20th may not ship until after January 2nd. If the opportunity arises that we can ship them, we will however we cannot guarantee shipment until after New Years!

If you need to have your package held for any reason, please put a note in your order!


Rhonni :) 

Ninja Polish updates

Hello Ninja Polish news subscribers!

First, I'm behind on emails, going to try to get those caught up. I'm on my own once again as my helper has been unable to help! So sorry! So please be patient and I'm going to try to get them responded to over the course of this week.

Second all orders that haven't hit the post office yet should get scanned into the PO tomorrow around noon. We managed to get the rest of all open orders packed up & ready to go however I was running late for work this morning and could not take them to the Post Office this morning. I'll have to make a special trip after work tonight! These include the remaining orders from Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend as well as any orders through yesterday afternoon :)

Third I will be out of town the last few weeks of this year visiting family! While I have a house/dog sitter they aren't trained in the ninja-way! So the last day for orders that will ship before our break is Dec 20th. Any orders placed after Dec 20th will ship after January 2nd. If we have any opportunity to get them shipped during this time we will, but we can't guarantee as I don't know how available my helpers will be during that time while we are gone! If you do NOT want your order shipped until a certain day, please put a note in your order because if we get an opportunity to ship, we will be taking it and I don't want that to cause an adverse effect either!

Fourth I will continue to work on making more Ninja Polishes, my time to do so is considerably diminished recently. I know you are all very anxious for Mystic Glacier as well as others and I will be making more as I can. It is harder to get a lot of different kinds made because the demand is so high I can't bring myself to only release a small amount. I want to try to make enough of each kind to satisfy the demand to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your patience and I love that you love my polishes <3

Thank you all for your wonderful support through the recent months. I truly appreciate your continued patience, support and love of all things Ninja Polish.

Warm Regards,

Rhonni :)

Shipping Issues
We have had some issues with our local post office over the past few weeks. Including some packages never getting scanned in, scanned in many days after shipped and recently some packages that were mis-scanned in as delivered (to our own post office on the day they were dropped off) but are truly still in transit. In most of these cases the packages are showing up to our customers and all is well, it is just a little stressful for those waiting on their packages. We have spoken to the post office, please have patience with us as we are sorting through this. If your package falls into this situation and has not arrived after 5 business days and tracking has not recently updated, please contact us for a resolution. Thank you for your patience!
A England

A England Briarwood is STILL IN ENGLAND....for ALL re-sellers. All shipments containing A England Briarwood and the new Heavenly quotes shade have NOT LEFT England. They will be leaving England on Monday June 24th, 2013. We are expecting them later in the week and will only launch them once they are physically on hand. Too much can happen between England and me :)

Restock Issue
Due to a glitch in our late-night inventory upload, several items that were truly out of stock were flipped to in stock in error. This caused Stock notifications to be sent out in error :( We regret that many of you have restock notifications in your email for items that were not restocked. If you want to be notified when those polishes are restocked, you will need to re-signup for notifications. I truly apologize for the confusion this has caused.
No Floam restock today

Stock Notifications sent out today (2-7-13) for Floam were in error, I apologize for the breif moment of excitement :( I was testing a new exciting feature on the site and I clicked the wrong button. I am sorry. We will be restocking Floam in the near future so please re-sign up for Stock Notifications. Thank you

Shipping Rate Increase

Shipping Updates - with the USPS rate increases going into effect on January 27th, please note that our shipping rates will also be changing this weekend. To take advantage of the current lower rates, please ensure your orders are placed by Thursday night. Our new shipping rates will go into effect this weekend and will be available for review on our Shipping Page once they are live.


We are back to shipping normally this week and have kept up to speed on orders. We are a bit behind on Emails, Facebook and Twitter this week, we will get those up to speed this weekend!

We are also working on the new USPS rates and will be making an announcement soon. 

Holiday Shipping

Here is the Holiday Shipping schedule for 

Last shipping day before Christmas is Friday Dec 21st. Any order placed after 12:00PM CST will be shipped on our next shipping day which is Wed 26. ***We won't ship orders on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.***

Last shipping day before New Year's Eve is Friday Dec 28th. Any order placed after 12:00PM CST will be shipped our next shipping day which is Wed Jan 2nd.***We won't ship orders on New Year's Even or New Year's Day***

Thank you for your consideration of this shipping schedule! 

We hope everyone has had, is having and/or will have a wonderful holiday season!
Warm Wishes
Rhonni & Stephanie
The Ninjas of 

Inventory on many out of stock items is ordered and on the way. Ninja Polish holiday collection will be restocked soon as well as others. Stay tuned!
Black Friday Deals begin!

Black Friday deals are off and running! We are starting the night off with the following deals:

BB Couture - use code BFBBC to receive $5 off any BB Couture polish you buy! 

Glitter Gal - buy a 15ml bottle or 2 of the 9/10ml bottles and receive a free Glitter Gal Lip Gloss

Nail Care Bundle - Purchase the Duri Rejuvacote and Seche Vite bundle and receive a mini bottle of CND SOlar Oil free

BIG BONUS - For every order over $50 (not including shipping) you will receive an unreleased bottle of a new Ninja Polish Bling! collection polish!! It is unreleased and won't be going up for sale for several weeks! Every person who orders more than $50 (excl shipping) will automatically receive a bottle when your order is shipped!! You won't see it in your cart, it will all be done on the back end!

We are going to sleep for a few hours....when we come back we will start some flash promos so make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter, that is the only place they will be announced!!! 

limited to Black Friday (11-23-12 only)


Pinkerbell, Girly Floam and Sunny Floam will all restock 11/2 at approximately 10AM central time! They are not limited edition and will be restocked again!

Small Jade Restock
We had a small Jade restock tonight. More are already en route and should arrive any day. So if you missed out tonight, more are coming shortly!
A England Gothic Beauties only $10.50 each!

Hi! Just a few quick updates for inventory!

A England Gothic Beauties - Lowest price on the internet $10.50. These are at my local FedEx location, if they aren't out for delivery tomorrow (Monday) I'll stop by after work to get them. They are currently listed on our site and you can sign up for a Stock Notification. Once I get them home, counted and checked I'll add them to the site for purchase :) 

Glitter Gal - New holographics are still in stock and selling like hot cakes at the low price of $11.50 for the new, larger 10ml bottles! I just put up a blog post of all swatches you can see at my blog, Polish-Ninja. Other out of stock Glitter Gals will be on their way soon!

And don't forget, every domestic order order over $35 gets free first class shipping! 

Rhonni & Stephanie
The Ninjas of Ninja Polish
Follow us on Facebook & Twitter for regular updates!  

News and Inventory updates


Just wanted to touch base, we have added more inventory on Hits over the weekend and today. We inadvertantly sent out a Stock Notify on the Hits Mari Moon Modern set however it was not in stock, but now it is! So I hope everyone who was signed up sees this!

We will be adding the Layla CeramicsHolographics and maybe even a handful of mirrors to the site later tonight if all goes well! We will have another large shipment of Mirrors in later this month.

Also, if you use Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, don't forget to check us out and follow us there! We are working on some more giveaways and fun stuff! We provide more updates more often on Facebook and Twitter!!!

We added a New Products category you help you see all the new great polishes we have added, all in one place!


Rhonni & Stephanie
The Ninjas of 

Facets Collection


We launched a limited supply of our Facets trio today for sale. We anticipate a quick sellout due to demand, however please rest assured more will be available very soon! Please sign up for stock notify if you miss out today. We are continuing to make more. Thank you!

Rhonni & Stephanie
The Ninjas of Ninja Polish 

New changes!

If you haven't noticed, we now have our own Ninja Polish bottles!! We also had the honor of launching our brand new Facets collection at CosmoProf Las Vegas to the bloogers that attended this year!! You can find the new collection on the site now, click here to see. They will be available for sale August 15th! Check out our Facebook page for some more pictures!

We are working diligently on the Nailventurous polishes, you can expect some to be in stock this week. So sorry there has been such a long delay!! New and exciting things are coming to Ninja Polish! Keep your eyes peeled!

New Hits inventory lines & Layla celebration coupon! - CORRECTED LINKS

Sorry everyone to resend, but the links were corrupted in the last email!! I hope we don't seem spammy by trying to update them for you! <3


We have been working on adding new lines recently. Tonight we added the new Hits Phenomena and GRAAC lines to our selection. These are some incredible new collections, make sure to come take a look! Keep your eyes open for more new collections as they are continually being added!

Also don'e forget to use your Layla $3.50 off coupons, they expire soon! These are in celebration of Layla coming to our site! 
laylanewholo to recive $3.50 off your Layla Holographic polish lines 
laylanewmag to receive $3.50 off your Layla Magnetic polish lines

These expire on Wednesday and are selling out so hurry!

Rhonni & Stephanie
The Ninjas of Ninja Polish 

50/50 inventory update
Long overdue update! We have added some Floam, Sticks n Stones and Humblebee tonight. We reserved half of the inventory to add in the morning for all those sleeping right now ;) We don't have a definite time which it will be posted, just sometime in the AM.
Shipping Dept Closing
Hello, Just a quick note to let everyone know that the shipping department here at Ninja Polish will be closed for 2 weeks. The last shipping day before the close is Friday May 25th which will include all orders through midnight Thursday May 24th CST. The site will be open and continue to take orders during this time. We may also be adding new items during this time! Shipping will resume on Monday June 11th. Orders will be shipped in the order that they were received. Our email will be monitored during this time, only the shipping department is closed. Thank you! Rhonni & Stephanie
Shiny New Server - live test coming! plus DRK Plate B update

Hi everyone,

Last night while everyone slept, well those of us in this hemisphere anyway, we did another upgrade to our server. Our IT guy has moved us up to a premier server with some extra bells and whistles.

We will be adding some more inventory this morning and wanted to give everyone a heads up in advance that we are live-testing so please understand the chance to glitches or crashes. Please bare with us! IT-guy will be watching the system while you all are let loose with Floam, Humble Bee and Sticks n Stones. He is hopeful that this upgrade will be our answer, if not he will begin looking into software speed issues..which is more of a pain to change than a server upgrade (or two!). We will find and fix whatever it is that can't keep up with traffic demand when we restock popular items.

So we just wanted to let everyone know that there is another live-test of the site’s capability to support the large influx of not only traffic, but database inquiries that occur when we restock our best sellers (ie Sticks n Stones or anything Nail-Venturous). So please bare with us through these live-tests and as always, we truly appreciate your support!!

The inventory amounts we are putting up today are what is left from Thursday. Please note that we sold the majority of the inventory on Thursday so there is not a large amount today so please understand these will sell out quickly. We are already working on making more Nail-Venturous polishes and Cover Band is already working on more Sticks 'n Stones :)

Thanks again! Rhonni & Stephanie

PS. on a side note, DRK Stamping Plate B arrived yesterday and I was up late packing them all up for you. I'm making a special trip to the Post Office today (don't normally go on Saturdays!) to get them out and on their way to you!!!!!! :) :)

Server upgrade test = fail!

Hi Everyone,

We upgraded our servers after the last crash a few weeks ago. The IT guy for our server wanted us to test the site, however we have no way to recreate the mass of traffic Floam and Sticks n Stones brings to the site without just posting it and setting you all loose on it. Which is what we did today, and we found that the upgrade we put into play was still not robust enough! So, our IT guy is working on another larger upgrade. We will be ‘testing’ this again soon (which means going live and setting you all loose again!) and we ask for your continued patience as we work to find the right system that can support the sporadic flood of traffic that Floam and Sticks n Stones lovers create. If you placed and order and your payment went through, your order will process. For those of you that missed out, we do have remaining inventory and it will be relisted on the site AFTER this new server upgrade. We are estimating to add it tomorrow to test the upgrade however no guarantees. We apologize for the frustration and appreciate your continued support and patience!

Rhonni & Stephanie

Glitter Gal 15ml Price Drop!
Excellent news everyone! As of May 10th, the price on 15ml Glitter Gals has been dropped to $17.95!! We have all enjoyed the beauty of the 9ml, and now the 15ml are more affordable than ever!! We will be ordering more of the 15ml soon so keep your eyes peeled! This makes getting their new shades even more affordable too!!!
Shipping Update
Shipping update, inquiring minds want to know! We normally give a 1-3 business day expectation for shipping. We normally get all orders out the very next day most days but say 1-3 in case something comes up ;) However when we restock Floam and/or Sticks 'n Stones we generally say 3-5 business days to get them all shipped out. We do go in order from first received shipping first. We are happy to report that we have well over 2/3 of the orders already packed and shipped off within 2 business days!!! We are excited to be ahead of schedule! You should receive a shipping notice with your tracking number as soon as your order is packed :)
Server Patch
Hello again, We managed to get into the site and close to storefront while the IT guy worked on the server. He has installed a patch until we can upgrade to a larger server Monday. He did say that this patch may not hold up to the floam traffic. We are crossing our fingers! We wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who has been so supportive through this. We understand how frustrating this has been for all of you! Your continued support and business have pushed the limits of the level 1 server. Had we anticipated this, we would have upgraded last week before we added the inventory! Now we know and we will work to prevent this in the future! Thank you so much, Rhonni & Stephanie
Server issues, Restock
Due to the overwhelming response for Floam and Sticks 'n Stones, the continual refreshing and excitement crashed our server again. We were not even able to get the inventory put on the site before it crashed. We have been working on getting it fixed however due to the excitement, people are still refreshing. We are temporarily closing the store front while we work on the server issues. We will add the new inventory as soon as our server can handle the strain. We are working on upgrading our server as well. There is a possibility that could happen today but no promises. We humbly apologize for the frustration this has caused, we are already in the process of upgrading the server to handle these issues in the future. Thank you for your continued support and patience. Rhonni & Stephanie
Restock Floam = Server Down! Update!
Ok everyone, we had some server issues tonight. We added Floam, VooDoo Doll and Dash of Princess tonight and with the email notifications and the sudden traffic load, we killed the server! TWICE! Took us a couple hours to get it back up and running with all of the refreshing constantly going on lol. It is back up now with some fresh settings. We were going to add our shipment of Sticks n Stones tonight but decided to hold off until tomorrow. We also pulled some Floam and Dash of Princess out of inventory tonight and we will add that back in tomorrow at the same time as Sticks n Stones for all of you who got tired and went to bed. We plan on adding these around 8:30-9AM Pacific time. Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us and showing your support! Rhonni & Stephanie
Sticks n Stones update and Order Tips
Hello The inventory we placed up earlier today of Sticks 'n Stones is depleted, however do not worry! We have another large shipment coming in later this week! Make sure you re-sign up for Stock Notify! We have also begun putting ebay auctions up in order to help keep the ebay prices low for all of you. So don't feel compelled to buy from people posting at 2-3x the value! We are getting more soon! Also during the frenzy to purchase we get various emails due to issues when ordering. Please make sure that you have a shipping address entered into your Address Book in the My Account area. If you do not have an address fully filled out, you will NOT be able to check out! This is the #1 cause of ordering issues, I hope this news update will help!! Yes, we are also working to restock Nail-Venturous polishes (waiting on some supplies) as well as many of our other brands. Thank you all for your patience! Rhonni & Stephanie
Shipping Insurance now available...
We are now pleased to offer shipping insurance options to our customers. This will give you the option of adding protection to your packages in transit because once they leave the Ninjas, we can’t control how the post office handles or delivers them. You can choose this option during your checkout process. We are currently setup to insure packages up to $400….if your order is higher than $400, please contact us directly. We will also be opening up orders for Brazil, with the insurance option being mandatory. We are very happy to have found a way to service you! Rhonni & Stephanie The Ninjas of


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