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Smoke Dragon - NerdLacquer
Smoke Dragon - NerdLacquer

Ninja Polish is proud to offer the Ninja Trio our very own line of custom polishes by Nerdlacquer.

The Smoke Dragon (Enryuu) technique allows the user to form smoke into the shape of one or more dragons that engulf a target or targets at the user's direction. While the smoke dragon has no solid substance it's purpose is to cause suffocation from smoke inhalation. The only requirement for the technique is that the user have a source of smoke to manipulate.

Smoke Dragon is a matte deep charcoal with silver purple and black microglitter gunmetal medium and large hexagonal glitter and large black hex glitter. A mystic beauty in its native matte form and equally magical with a gloss top coat...which will bring out an extra bit of violet shimmer. 15ml bottle.

The swatch images below show Smoke Dragon both as a matte without topcoat and worn glossy with topcoat. 15mL

Additional swatches of Smoke Dragon can be seen at the Pointless Cafe and Chalkboard Nails

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